At Muck-truck Scotland we have been distributing Muck-trucks continuously over the past 16 years. 

The Muck-truck ® is the #1 powered wheelbarrow in the world.

You can easily and safely carry up to 3x the load of a conventional wheelbarrow with Muck-truck

All Muck-truck products are manufactured to the highest quality and specification, and are recognised globally in the construction, landscaping, utilities and parks and recreational sectors.

With commercial grade 5.5hp Honda engine powers four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when moving loads on wet and uneven ground as well as inclines a conventional wheel barrow just couldn’t handle.

Muck-Truck comes with a 1 year standard warranty and a 2 year engine warranty.

Muck-Truck® - 6cu ft. skip/bucket

The Muck-Truck® original mini-dumper can carry 250kgs/550lbs/6cubic feet and will climb a 30º slope fully loaded. It is a true workhorse and is trusted and recognised over the world. Continuous production for over 30 years.

Max-Truck™ - 8cu ft. skip/bucket

The Max-Truck™ is the most popular model for rental shops, landscapers and builders. The Max-Truck™ is highly recommended by health and safety as it increases productivity with less operators fatigue.

H-Max™ - 10cu ft. skip/bucket

The H-Max™ delivers 25% more capacity and the addition of engine powered Hydraulic tipping over the standard Max-Truck™. Built with extra reinforcement metalwork – sturdier/stronger for the extra load.

E-Truck® (Battery powered)

The innovative E-Truck® has all of Muck-Truck®‘s strengths, agility and the capability to work in mines, buildings or other areas where noise or fumes can be a problem, easy to manoeuvre and control.

Electric Mini Dumper 4WD (Battery Powered)

The new electric Power Barrow 4WD is Muck-Truck’s latest invention which features a four wheel drive that makes it easy to manoeuvre and the bucket tips electronically by a touch of a button.

*original muck-truck pictured, equipped with double wheel kit



Designed and built in the United Kingdom, The Muck-Truck® motorised wheelbarrow dumper delivers productivity benefits to the building/hire and landscaping industry; it can carry three times the load of a conventional wheelbarrow and will easily and safely transport loads of up to one quarter of a ton.

A Muck-Truck® will pay for itself in a matter of months (vs equipment rental fees), is easy to maintain and extremely versatile. Interchangeable accessories can be swapped in a matter of seconds allowing this motorised wheelbarrow to become a towing machine, a vacuum for horse manure, leaves, etc. It even has a flat bed attachment to carry heavy and awkward items such as paving slabs.

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